Love Is Not Enough

A Mother's Memoir of Autism, Madness, and Hope

When Jenny Lexhed and her husband have their first child, Lucas, they are living the dream. They're happily married, they've just bought a house, the company they built together from the ground up is starting to blossom. But with the arrival of their son, a feeling of anxiety slips into their life. What starts as a feeling becomes a conviction. Lucas is not like other children. Everything seems to indicate, and psychiatric evaluation concludes, that their son is severely autistic. Will he ever be able to communicate?

Jenny vows to do whatever she can to help Lucas connect with his parents and others and live an independent life. Tossed between hope and despair, she begins a frantic effort to research the best among many competing therapies and find exactly the right treatment for her son. Her obsession takes her to the brink of exhaustion—and over, when she suffers a psychotic breakdown and must be committed to a psychiatric clinic. There begins another journey, to find her balance and recover her strong, healthy life, before she can begin again to fight for her son.

Both brutally honest and deeply affecting, Love Is Not Enough is a page-turning memoir that offers insight into autism and what a parent goes through for her child.

Love Is Not Enough is a bestseller in my home country, Sweden. It has been read by the mothers, fathers, relatives, and friends of people on the autism spectrum or with other disabilities, and by people going through a life crisis. But it has also been read by many others who simply treasure true-life stories.

Besides having reached a broad audience, the book is used in various educational programs and at universities, in courses like special education, psychology, psychiatry, and others. There are just so many things you can teach with facts, but reading about a real-life experience gives you insight that's priceless.

I hope my book touches you as well.

Published in several countries.

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Kun rakkans ei riitä
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