Jenny Lexhed

Author of "Love Is Not Enough: A Mother's Memoir of Autism, Madness, and Hope." A bestseller in Sweden, translated into several languages and published in the United States in 2015.

Jenny has a Masters of Science Degree in Business and Economics and in 1995, she and her husband founded Talarforum, which today is Scandinavia's largest Speakers Bureau. Jenny has also studied autism and special education at Stockholm University, Sweden , and is a sought-after speaker and a contributor to various publications. She and her family have lived since 2013 in USA.

I started writing because I wanted to put words to my feelings, to understand things better and make it possible to put hard times behind me. I took a writing class and received strong feedback from my teachers, who encouraged me to publish my story. At first the thought frightened me, because I had really written from the heart and what I wrote is very frank and revealing. Would we want to share our life, our ups and downs with everyone else? Then I remembered that, when I first realized our son was different, it helped me a lot to meet other parents and hear about their experience. I figured sharing our story could possibly help others and maybe make their life a little easier. So I decided to send the manuscript to several publishers, and three accepted it right away!

When the book was released, it received many positive reviews, and the media coverage was extensive. I was interviewed in newspapers and magazines, did radio interviews, and appeared on TV shows. From being reluctant to publish and share our story, I now had to face standing in the spotlight, which I wasn't used to and certainly hadn't desired. All of a sudden, I had to talk about having a son with autism and what it was like when I was committed to a hospital after suffering a psychotic breakdown caused by stress, exhaustion, and lack of sleep. This last part we had kept a secret, and only our close family knew. Writing the book, though, gave me the confidence I needed to stand up and acknowledge what had happenedĀ . The fact that a few years had passed also made it easier. Our son was doing well, and I myself was leading a healthy life and working at our business. I wanted to show other people that it is possible to come back after going through tough times. The truth is, in the year 2001 I had an isolated psychosis due to a highly stressful life event in combination with a lack of sleep. Since then I have not had any relapses, and I'm not on any medication. I know, though, how important it is to lead a balanced life, and I always see to it that I get enough sleep (sure, sometimes it's less than it should be . . .), eat healthy, exercise, have time for myself and my friends, and most of all have time for my family. Having a loving family around me is a blessing.

Love Is Not Enough is a bestseller in my home country, Sweden. It has been read by the mothers, fathers, relatives, and friends of people on the autism spectrum or with other disabilities, and by people going through a life crisis. But it has also been read by many others who simply treasure true-life stories.

I hope my book touches you as well.